Help support the RCCA Class of 2024!

April 1- April 24th


Dear RCCA Family & Friends,

    The Freshman class is selling Little Caesars pizza kits (and crazy bread and cookies!) so we can begin to raise money for our future Class events, including the Junior/Senior Banquet that the Junior class typically holds for the Seniors.  That is just 2 years away!  Also we are beginning to raise money for our Senior Retreat, Trip and other events that are just 3 years away!!

   How much is shipping?  It is a flat rate of $6.99 for every 2 kits ordered per shipping address.  So 1-2 would be $6.99, 3-4 would be $13.98, 5-6 would be $20.97, etc.  This is because of the size box needed for the FedEx frozen deliveries.


Every kit we sell earns $6 profit! Thank you in advance for your support!

Mrs. Leslie Meyers &

The Class of 2024