Alumni Updates

Peter Englert

2005 Graduate

Peter Englert graduated from Ross Corners Christian Academy in 2005. He was an active student and was loved by teachers and students. He went on from RCCA to get his Bachelors Degree in Pastor Ministry and a Masters in Theology from Valley Forge. Peter is now the Belong Director at Browncroft Community Church in Rochester New York. He married his lovely wife Robyn in 2013 and they are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl born in February 2018

Peter cherishes his time at Ross Corners Christian Academy. He was active in Basketball, Soccer, and the yearbook committee. He states that he loved the tight “Ross Corners community” of teachers, students, and parents. Peter also acknowledges the great job Ross Corners did at teaching Bible. He appreciated how the culture at RCCA allowed a safe place to discuss faith and have tough conversations.  When Peter got to Valley Forge he was able to test out of a few Bible classes.

In Peter’s current role as Belong Director at Browncroft he strives to bring new people into the supportive and caring structure of the church. The close community he experienced at RCCA modeled what he is trying to accomplish at Browncroft. Many people are looking for a place to explore faith on their own. Peter wants to create the same supportive environment he experienced at RCCA in Browncroft. 

Dr. Lee Kliewer

1974 Graduate

Dr. Lee Kliewer attended Ross Corners Christian Academy half of his Junior and Senior year after transferring  from Binghamton North High School. A couple of Lee’s friends talked highly of RCCA and encouraged him to transfer. After visiting RCCA Lee knew RCCA was where God wanted him to be.

After graduating from RCCA Lee attended Baptist Bible College and graduated with his Bachelors in Sacred Music in 1978. He also has received his Masters of Ministry from BBS in 1992 and a Doctorate of Education from Nova Southeastern in 2003.


He married his lovely wife, Colleen in 1978 and has three kids; Paul, Mandy, and Jeff. He is currently serving as the Dean of Baptist Bible Seminary and is the Chief Academic Officer.

Lee looks back on his time at RCCA with fondness. He  states the best part of RCCA was the quality of education combined with the caring and mentoring relationships the teachers had with the students. Those two things create the godly mentoring he needed to prepare him for life. He will tell you how teachers like Wayne Baker, Jenny Mitchell, Dick Brosseau, George Mullikin, and his basketball coach Bob Brower had an incredible impact on him.


The culture he saw and experienced at RCCA in high school has prompted him to create the same culture in every organization he has ever led. He states; “Baptist Bible Seminary is not just about transmitting information to students, but about giving them mentors for life.” Lee desires to impact leaders that will reach the next generation for Christ just as the mentors he had at RCCA impacted and prepared him for a lifetime of ministry.

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