K-12th Dress Code

Ross Corners Christian Academy expects students to have a modest, clean, well-groomed, non-distracting, and Christ-honoring appearance.  With this in mind, the following Dress Code rules apply to all students enrolled in K-12th.  Every student is expected to dress in a way that conforms to his or her biologically-assigned gender.  Students are to arrive at school at RCCA in school dress. *



Male and Female Students - Solid color cotton twill, “Dockers” style or corduroy pants/slacks or knee-length shorts (solid or patterned), with no holes, slices, worn or bleached patches, etc. Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist and not be form fitting or excessively baggy (no skinny pants).  Pants are to be hemmed (cuffs not to drag on the ground) and worn as designed (no sagging).   NO athletic pants, nylon rip-stop-type material, pajama-type material, sweats, warm ups, denim, jeans, or “leggings.” 

Female Students - Skirts or dresses must be at knee length or below with no slits above the knee. Form-fitting skirts and dresses are prohibited.  Dresses must have modest necklines at the collar bone. Capris (solid or patterned) may be worn. Girls in grades PreK-6th may wear jumpers (must be knee length or below).



Female Students – Collar or Polo shirts (striped, patterned, solid, plaid; long or short sleeved) may be worn.  Shirts must not be form fitting and must be appropriately buttoned to the collar bone.  Collar and Polo shirts may be tucked or untucked.  No T-shirts, including athletic work out types, no tank tops and  no “cold shoulder” shirts, no sweaters without colar shirt underneath.  All tops are to be modest – e.g. loose fitting with no cleavage revealed, no bare midriff, and no bra strap showing.  Shirts are to be opaque (i.e. cannot see through). 


Male Students – Collar or Polo shirts (striped, solid, patterned, plaid; long or short sleeved) must be neatly and appropriately buttoned to the collar bone.  Collar and Polo shirts may be tucked or untucked. No T-shirts, including athletic work out types,, no tank tops, and no sweaters without colar shirt underneath.  NOTE:  Male students must wear a shirt at all times, including gym class, after school and during athletic practices.


* Male and Female Students – Hoodies and sweatshirts may be worn with approved collar or polo top worn beneath and hood left down. 



Footwear, including sandals, must be clean, with laces tied or straps fastened, having no rips or holes.  Athletic slides and flip flops are prohibited.



Caps and hats are not to be worn in school or in class.  They may be worn after school hours or at athletic activities.



Grooming should reflect neat and clean conventional hair styles. Hair should be natural color, clean and neatly trimmed. Extreme hairstyles including, but not limited to, shaved or excessively spiked hair and Mohawks, are prohibited.  Highlighting is acceptable only if it is consistent with the student’s hair color. 


Male Students -Hair length should not be longer than the top of a normal collared shirt, and hair should be off the eyebrows (out of eyes).  No ponytails or buns.   Sideburns/hair must not be lower than the bottom of the ear.  Facial hair must be clean and neatly trimmed.



Female Students - Jewelry and makeup, when worn, should be in moderation. Tasteful, non-distracting jewelry and earrings in earlobes are permitted.  Extreme or excessive jewelry or piercings are not acceptable.


Male Students - One (1) tasteful, non-distracting necklace or bracelet is allowed.  Earring(s), hanging chains, and damaging rings are not permitted.



RCCA’s administration expects that the parents/guardians will assist in properly outfitting the student for school in accordance with the RCCA Dress Code.  Students who come to school out of dress code will be allowed to borrow approved dress code clothing from RCCA school office (or parent will need to bring appropriate clothes).  A Dress Code Violation form will be completed, submitted to the School Administrator, and sent home to the parents via the student. The form must be returned with a parent signature the following school day to ensure that the parent is aware of the situation.


Three (3) RCCA Dress Code violations within a 10-week marking period will result in an assigned detention. The School Administrator is the interpreter of the Dress Code for the RCCA School Board. 


* Students who have PE during 1st period are allowed to arrive at RCCA in appropriate PE attire, and change into school dress before 2nd period. For away athletic games requiring early dismissal, student athletes are allowed to change into appropriate athletic clothing 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure for away games, or at lunchtime as directed by School Administrator.

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