Family Take Out Dinner

Friday, May 28, 2021

$10 Per Meal

Sub, Chips & Dessert


Orders Due By Thursday, May 27th 

  • We are dedicated to making our To-Go experience safe for all who are involved. We follow strict and regimented cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing procedures throughout the day with a laser-focus on high-touch surfaces.

  • Staff & Volunteers are wearing face-coverings and following all state and local guidance on gloves. 

  • With a safety-first mindset, we’re following CDC and FDA guidelines as well as local and state mandates for all enhanced health and safety measures.

  • Our workers adhere to a strict and frequent hand washing process with soap and water and alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which are reported by the CDC as the most effective methods at preventing spread of germs. Workers must continue to wash hands properly before putting on new gloves. Glove changing is required following any exchange of items between guests and our volunteers, such as cash, cash,trunk, or car doors or change in activity going from unclean to clean, such as sweeping or adjusting facial coverings, etc.